Hi, I'm Nadeige!

Call me Nadeige or Deige (pronounced Deej)

I'm a digital artist and blogger, who creates digital illustrations and blogs on life & food.

I love the arts and I often think about what my life would have been like had I gone to school for it instead of healthcare. But there's always a day to start, and today is my day to show you my artistic side. 

Deige On The Go is my food blog that I started back in 2017. I'm not a chef or a cook, but I'm pretty sure I'll quit my day job at some point to become one. For now, I'm sharing my experiences as a foodie and the restaurants I've visited.  Let's just say at this moment of time, I'm your favorite taste tester (now that's some typical Taurus shyt lol).

Feel free to email me or interact with me via social media.

Love and light,



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