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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

I've written blog posts for food, but something about this time feels different. I'm not talking about food this time; I'm talking about me. I'm sharing parts of me and the truth is: that makes me nervous. I'm shy by nature. Sometimes, I just can't find the right words to type.

The truth is, I've spent plenty of time researching how to write better. In the midst of that, I was still too scared to put myself out there. I was scared that nobody would read it. After sitting on it for a long time and getting signs to push myself more creatively, I let my fear go.

So here I am now, writing to you. I thank you for taking the time to visit my site and getting to know me and journey through life with me.

Deige Self-Portrait

In my best Jay-Z voice, "Allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Deige."

Okay, so that was a little cheesy, but hey, it is one of the catchiest lines to start an introduction.

My name is Nadeige. Call me Nadeige (pronounced Na-Dej) or Deige for short. I'm Haitian and from Massachusetts. I'm probably one of the most typical Taureans you'll ever meet: I love eating, enjoy the arts, I'm stubborn here and there, and my sanctuary is in nature.

I graduated from college with a B.S. in Kinesiology in 2014. I had planned on becoming a nurse practitioner or physician specializing in women's health. By the end of 2017, I had launched "Deige On The Go," a blog to share my foodie travels. Now in 2020, I'm sharing artwork and lifestyle blogging.

Now that's just the short rendition. A lot of things happened over the years, but that's what the blog is for: to share my experiences. I hope that with all that I share, you find relatable content or inspiration. We'll talk about life, what to learn from it, and how to move forward.

Thank you once again for visiting my blog and see you in the next post!

Love and light,




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