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Bring on the Tradition with some Muqueca!

Every so often, I find myself having this strong urge to dine on something comforting like pho, stew, or soup. There are many options to choose from during a quick search on Google, but my heart was set on something else. I asked a co-worker if she had any recommendations. Muqueca would be my pick for the night.

As soon as Key and I walked in, we already knew the deal.

For starters, we ordered the Mandioca con Carne de Sol (Yucca and dried beef) and a side of plantains. They have this fuego hot sauce that you must try with it! I underestimated its heat and had they sold bottles, I would have purchased one. It was everything!

MOQUECA is a Brazilian dish from the states of Bahia and Espirito Santo. It is a ragout or stew with flavors added from Brazilian native Indians, African, and Portuguese cuisine. The dish was originally served wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over charcoal as Brazilian native Indians had prepared it. Today, it is cooked in a clay pot after enslaved Africans were brought to Brazil and modified the dish. 

The Moqueca de Camarão (shrimp moqueca) was the perfect comforting dish I wanted. It can be presented in one large pot, but we decided to have them separated instead. The delicious broth included tomatoes, sweet peppers, cilantro, and onions.

| A perfect dish for those cold nights in Boston!

Most of the signature dishes at Muqueca ether contain fish or seafood. If you're a non-seafood eater, there is plantain and/or tofu moqueca which I'm sure is just as delicious as the others. 

I have my eyes on either the coconut shrimp or frog legs next time I visit. My eyes wandered to another table and caught glimpse of the coconut shrimp and I knew it was a hit.

Our drink of choice for the night was their Caipirinha.

At a price point under $6, there is no way you're not ordering this drink. The Caribbean gyals in us could not pass up on having it flavored with passion fruit, but there are other flavors to choose from. Caipirinha is composed of distilled sugarcane liquor, sugar, and lime AKA it's good and I should have ordered another. 

Parking is difficult in Cambridge, but it's worth it!

Meters run 2 hours between 8AM-6PM. 

Visit Muqueca at:

 1008 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141


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