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Havana Havana!

When you think of cuisine in Boston, what are the first types that come to mind? Maybe it's American or Italian? Well, what if you're looking for some Latin flare for the night? Not to worry, I have you covered with two Cuban spots that you have to try if you're looking for something different.

Gustazo means great pleasure and "darse or dar un Gustazo" means to treat oneself or someone else to something special. - from Gustazo website

The next you have some free time, I want you to treat yourself or someone to some Cuban food. The first time around (last year), I had the empanadas for an appetizer and the Ropa Vieja came in a precious, individual pot that had me feeling like "wow, these guys pay attention to detail." That's exactly what gives Gustazo their flare: their attention to detail.

I had the Fricassee de Pollo and subbed out the quinoa with white rice instead. That chicken was so tender, pulled away from the bone so effortlessly. Pure love.

Visit Gustazo Cuban Restaurant & Cafe in Waltham, MA!

​If Boston was anything like New York, Dona Hana has the vibes to offer a FULL dining experience. The decor is vibrant with murals of Cuban culture. The fried red snapper is a classic Caribbean dish, in my opinion, you will always find it on the menu. Just as tasty, the Arroz Imperial con Maduros which has become my personal favorite. A baked casserole with layers of cheese, pulled chicken, and plantain.

Honorable mention: order the mojito sampler and thank me later!

Visit Dona Habana in Boston, MA

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