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Let's Eat in the Neighborhood!

​If there's one thing Boston has, it's a lot of Spanish restaurants to try from. I'm not talking about just your tapas spots and other regular go-to's for most people. I'm talking about the flavors that come together right in your own neighborhood! I spend so much time driving (thanks to 2 hrs of traffic), that I always bookmark little spots along the way for me to try someday. In this post, I've gathered a few neighborhood spots you can try the next time you're driving or walking around the block.

La Cuchara is a small spot on Blue Hill Ave that would satisfy my craving for some Dominican food. A walk-up counter feasts a range of freshly prepared dishes and sides to choose from. I decided on stewed okra, arroz + habichuelas, and platanos maduros as I was exploring vegetarian options for the day. Honestly, the only thing I regret was not getting a drink to really give me the itis. Such a great decision that day for some Dominican food!

Mana Escondido Cafe serves up some flavorful Jibarito with green plantains or Jibarita with sweet plantains. A jibarito is better than your average sandwich! A filling made up of meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and garlic-mayonnaise pressed between 2 fried plantains. Now we're talking, baby! The added bonus with this spot besides great food and great prices is welcoming staff. I'm definitely adding this to my list of favorites!

Visit Mana Escondido Cafe in South End, Boston, MA

Next up is Pikalo in Jamaica Plain! On a corner lot, Pikalo is a small spot with BIG flavor! The codfish empanada reminded me of salted codfish that my people of Haiti love to cook for breakfast with plantains. Pikalo is known for its empanadas, but a gem on the menu is the Patacones which is a sandwich between tostones instead of bread (shoutout to the Cuban man who hipped me!) Once you've had a taste of sandwiches made with plantain, you'll forget all about those bread slices!

Visit Pikalo in Jamaica Plain, MA!

Finally, one of my long-time favorite local spots is located in JP. A Caribbean gem in Boston, Alex Chimi's offers well seasoned Dominican food. Between price point and flavor, WOW! This place has the goods. My first time here I ordered fried chicken, plantains, and yellow rice. I've been hooked ever since! Matter of fact, add the pickled onions to your order, takes everything to a whole other level.

Visit Alex Chimi's in Jamaica Plain, MA!

I hope you try out any one of these spots, if not all!


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