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Vibrance in Puerto Rico: Part II

In Part I, I mentioned all of the food spots I visited while out in PR. The food was amazing! I was definitely feeling the inspiration to remake them at home. Eating all that food will easily catch up with you. So, what better way to burn off some calories than to check out all the activities Puerto Rico has to offer! Whether it's cooling on the beach or catching some waves, I promise you'll enjoy your time.

Let's dive right in!


- I wanted to go horseback riding but, it was quite a distance from Ocean Park. Definitely look into it though if you’re closer or have a rental to drive.

- I visited El Yunque Rainforest back in 2015. If it’s your first time in

PR, check it out! With great views and a waterfall to splash around in, you’re good!

- Jet ski with Captain Ivan at Aquatica in San Juan. It was about $80 each to jet ski. You can double check me on those prices but, I know for sure it was less than $150 per pair on the jet ski including photos. If you have never been on a jet ski, you’re missing out on life. It was such a good time! We breezed across the bay, checking out a tour of Old San Juan at the same time. Capt. Ivan pointed out all the major buildings and kept us all entertained throughout. I wouldn’t suggest bringing valuables with you. You may keep your phone and money locked away in his office. Wear water shoes if you have them otherwise you have to leave behind your shoes (I rode barefoot). Jet skiing was a blast! We rode with strangers in our group and everyone turned out to be chill.

- Old San Juan: If you’re looking for beautiful architecture, Old San Juan is for you. Vibrant colors splash the walls of buildings. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from as well. This is honestly where you’ll take the most pictures as it’s just aesthetically pleasing.

We visited on Saturday night and there just so happened to be a live band playing which was pretty dope. I’m telling you, the older ladies got the moves! Vendors were out, selling everything from goods to churros, cotton candy, etc. I grabbed churros for $3, if I remember correctly and cooled out watching folks dance. I even threw in my little two-step for some spice lol.

Weird thing though about Old San Juan is I swear it’s a cat city. There were cats everywhere! They didn’t bother us but, it was just strange to see so many as opposed to just one. They were chilling, hopping on rocks down by the water or posted up on windshields.

- Walk around: It’s so simple but, honestly, just walk around (safe areas of course). I’m from Massachusetts where there aren’t many murals around and I’m a Taurus who absolutely LOVES ART. Everything from murals to graffiti is beautiful to me in the way artists display their work. So, get to stepping and walk off those calories from your lunch or all that drinking you’ve been doing. Allow yourself to take in the scene. I mean hello, you are away from home, explore the area! I know you didn’t take a flight out to spend it culturally unaware. I can’t tell you exactly where I took these photos but, my point is to appreciate the art people take their time creating.

- La Playa: Now I know for sure you got your hot girl fit picked out all ready to show off all that skin and confidence, okurr mami!!! And no, I did not leave the men out; show out that skin and flex out en la playa Papi!

As I had mentioned previously, I stayed out in Ocean Park. The Airbnb was right at the beach so once I threw my luggage in the corner, I was out baby! Maybe it’s the Taurus in me but, I love falling asleep on the beach. I caught a mean itis that day. Honestly, it was the first actual sleep I had in over a week.

Grab your beach blanket or XL beach towel and lay out under the sun and palm trees, whichever your heart desires. I went in for a dip and the water was so warm and inviting. I’m short and was still able to walk out a good distance. Funny story actually real quick: On one of the days, I went out into the water with shades on some super ‘one with the earth’ vibes. I was chilling, just smiling to myself like ‘wow, this is life. This is life in its best form’. With the waves kissing me, I swam in a little further. Big error. This massive wave came through like I was a surfer and asked for it. Oh, and she had a squad with her too. Wave after wave splashing me. It was all good though. I laughed it off and soon as I got a grip of myself I walked out that water on some Baywatch status lol. You would’ve never known I was battling waves out there. Good times, good times.

If you’re hungry, there are some locals who sell empanadas and ice cream that along. I bought an empanada. Don’t forget to bring sunblock!


La Placita de Santurce: Ask any of the locals what they do for nightlife in San Juan, and most will tell you they visit La Placita. La Placita is a central location for open bars. You can’t go wrong with some lively music, dancing, and drinks! Everything from salsa to merengue to reggaeton to trap. Where they played Ozuna was where you found me. There was a live band performing in the back area of one of the bars, which was pretty dope too. You’re definitely going to end up here at a point if you’re looking for some fun. Head over on a Thursday or Friday night and enjoy yourself!

Stay aware of your surroundings during late nights, especially if you’re riding solo. If you’re driving in, there is a parking garage nearby or you can try your shot with street parking. It’s really packed over there though.

I haven’t personally gone during the day, but I was told it was an open farmer’s market of some sort.

All in all, I enjoyed the atmosphere in Puerto Rico. The trip was well-needed and well deserved. I was able to sleep, relax, and enjoy my time. Whether it’s for a couple of days or a whole week, make the most out of every trip you’re taking. Soak in the culture, mingle with the locals, indulge in the food, and just overall be happy during every moment! I hope you love Puerto Rico as much as I did when you visit!

- Deige

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